West Choir Organ
St. Michael the Archangel Catholic Church
Leawood, Kansas

John Brombaugh & Associates, 1971
Opus 7

Purchased by St. Michael the Archangel Parish as a "temporary" instrument until a larger, permanent organ could be commissioned, this modest 12-stop tracker organ serves admirably in our new church.

Besides being one of the first organs of a pioneer of late-20th century historically-informed organ building, it enjoys  an even more remarkable pedigree in that several of the world's great organ builders that followed in Brombaugh's footsteps have a had a hand in improving the instrument over its 40-year life.  Early additions were made by Taylor & Boody.  When the organ was relocated in June 2009 by Paul Fritts & Co. from St. James Episcopal Church, Columbus, Ohio, Bruce Shull made tonal alterations (with John Brombaugh's permission) using new lead pipes from the shops of Paul Fritts and Martin Pasi.  The organ was one of the first in modern times to be tuned in the historical Werkmeister III temperament, in which it remains today.

GREAT (56 notes)
1. Præstant 8’    Brombaugh, 1971
2. Holpijp 8'    Brombaugh, 1971
3. Octave 4’    Pasi, 2009
4. Octave 2’    Fritts, 2009
5. Sesquialtera II    Fritts, 2009
6. Mixture IV    Brombaugh, 1971

POSITIVE (56 notes)
7. Gedackt 8’    Brombaugh, 1971
8. Rohrflöte 4’    Brombaugh, 1971
9. Principal 2’    No. 4, alternating
10. Quinte 1 1/3’    Taylor & Boody, 1980

PEDAL (30 notes)
11. Subbass 16’    Extension No. 2, Brombaugh, 1971
12. Præstant 8’    No. 1

Great to Pedal Coupler
Positive to Pedal Coupler